Parasite Control - 60 caps

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Mesolab Parasite Control 60 Capsules

With Parasite Control by Mesolab Inc, it is best described as a dietary supplement for the proper detoxification of the body from detrimental or harmful substances. As a dietary supplement, the prescribed dosage is to take two capsules together with food three times in a day for the span of 10 days. You have the option to repeat in two to three weeks if needed.

Aside from zinc, this parasite eliminator is comprised of organic components such as apple pectin powder, wood betany powder, cranberry, carrot powder, papaya powder, garlic extract, black walnut hull powder, butternut bark powder, pau D’arco powder, wormwood powder, clove powder, Oregon grape root, golden thread, blueberry leaf and Echinacea angustifolia powder. All of these are organic ingredients that are proven to be effective.

Even as a dietary supplement, it is important not to go beyond the recommended dose or use it for more than 10 days as stated in the instructions of the product. This product is not intended for pregnant or nursing mothers, children below 18 years old as well as those with medical conditions. It is important to consult first with your doctor if you are planning to use this as a supplement.

As a precaution, this supplement is comprised of tree nuts (black walnut) so if you are allergic to this ingredient, it is best to avoid using the supplement in order to avoid any allergic reactions.

As one of the parasite supplements by Mesolab Inc, you can count on in delivering these organic supplements to residents in Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando and Tampa Florida.