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Mesolab Collagen Plus - 50 Capsules 1500mg

To ensure that you look after your all-important joints and skin, collagen needs to be a vital aspect of your nutritional diet. Preserving the natural elasticity of your skin, it can help you retain a youthful appearance for many years into your adulthood. Without this elasticity, your skin may become prone to wrinkles and sagging, and lead to unnecessary treatments – perhaps even surgery, depending upon how highly you hold the worth of your youthful appearance.

With this 1500mg daily capsule, you can take control of your aging process and hold on to that young, healthy glow that we all covet so. The capsule contains little more than bovine-sourced collagen, which is to be taken every night before bed – on an empty stomach – with the option of taking between one and four capsules a night. This will all depend upon how much you think will benefit your body and keep you fit and healthy for the longest time.

When taking the supplement, be sure to drink at least 8 ounces of water – not only to help your body absorb the collagen to the best of its ability, but it will also aid the anti-aging process. By keeping your skin hydrated and your body functioning on adequate levels of water, you will notice high impact change in conjunction with the Tampa dietary supplements. : offering the best natural products and supplements to the Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville and Tampa Florida areas.