Krill Oil - 60 softgels

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But what is Krill?

Krill are small shrimp that feed most of the giant animals - the great whales. Toothless whales swallow huge quantities of Krill, which provide the necessary energy to feed its large size. A blue whale eats up to 8,000 pounds of Krill each day during the feeding season.

These intelligent whales aren't the only animals that depend on krill for their nutritional needs. The same happens with seals, penguins, sea birds, fish and squid.

In which could help you the same

fuel using whales?

This resistant type of Krill is caught in the harsh waters Antarctic - laos that constitute our pure Krill Oil - is so important that he is considered a "keystone species", a body on which many Antarctic predators depend.

These semi-traslucidos crustaceans congregate in large groups or swarms that can become the ocean's surface pink or red.

Together with plankton, Krill is the largest in land biomass... one of the available food resources easier to renew, an excellent source of nutrition from an environmental perspective.

Krill is not a new source of nutrition. They have been used as a food source for humans and pets since 1800. Possibly from before in Japan, where are they considered a delicacy.

However, you need to know that...

Because the Balance of the acids fatty essential (EFA)

They are critical to your health *

Essential fatty acids (EFA for its acronym in English) include both fatty omega-3 (high in vital compounds EPA and DHA) and omega-6 fats. Fatty acids may not be produced in your body but they are beneficial for health and metabolism normales.* therefore, EFAs must be obtained through food.

While some omega-6 fats are good for your health, the balance of omega-6 and omega-3 is very importante.* Unfortunately, many people consume too much of omega-6 fats.

Their ancestors had a healthy diet with a balance roughly equal omega-6 and omega-3 fats. But the current Western food is very high in omega-6 fatty acids. The average omega-6 to omega-3 of today is about 20:1, and in some cases even 50:1. This can prevent optimal health.


Besides DHA and EPA, this unique marine oil, has another "secret weapon" that has not been found in fish oils and explaining the reason for its proven superiority...

Krill Oil use as a supplement to lower blood lipids is increasing in popularity


Improved Cardiovascular Health

Taste Tolerance


Neurological Development in Infants


PMS Symptom Reduction


Better Digestion