Colostrum - 100 caps

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Mesolab Colostrum 100 Capsules

If you have grown tired of trying modern, faddish supplements from vitamin shops, you may wish to get back to basics with one of the earliest forms of nutrition: colostrum. Referred to as “nature’s first milk’”, is sourced from the milk of a mother (of any form of mammal) in the first week after she gives birth to her young. Clearly, the health benefits from this are abundant and blatant: babies need high impact nutrition and care – something that you can get for yourself now in supplement form.

Especially effective for immunologic strength, those who have been suffering from immunodeficiency, or have been feeling generally under the weather for sometime, will benefit exponentially from this natural resource. The colostrum is bovine sourced, from cows that have recently had offspring, to retain that highly important nutrition.

Take one to three of the capsules daily, comfortably in your routine, depending upon how much you think your body currently requires. If you are feeling particularly run down, starting at the top end of the dose and weaning down to one capsule daily could be beneficial.

This product is not recommended for the following people: pregnant or nursing women, children under the age of 18, and people with previously known illnesses or ailments. Always check with your doctor before trying new supplements. offering the best natural products and supplements to the Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville and Tampa Florida areas with quick delivery and quality service.