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Take it immediately at the FIRST SIGN of COLD or FLU (scratchy throat, first sniffles or cough), once or twice or three times the first day. Monitor your symptoms and improvement. Then decide whether to continue taking BAN LAN GEN CHONG JI or move on to one or more of our other formula remedies if symptoms don’t seem to be decreasing or disappearing. With fever and sore throat, you will very likely feel better after taking one or two doses.

You can take BAN LAN GEN CHONG JI as your only remedy for acute cold and flu symptoms. Drink the tea 3-4 times a day for a week and up to 2 weeks.

For prevention, you can take a dose a day BEFORE or AS SOON AS you come in contact with seasonal colds or flu. Definitely start regular daily doses (3 times daily) when someone around you is sick and you are exposed.